English/ Western Horse Show
CSHA Approved!
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Serving Contra Costa County since 1938, the Contra Costa County Horseman's Association is located the historical Don Fernando Pacheco Adobe.  With it's members hard at work not only having fun but also preserving the love of horses and horseback riding within Contra Costa County.  From riders and non-riders alike the members of Contra Costa County Horseman's welcome all new members with open arms!  We host horse shows, potlucks, bbq's, and fun days that the whole family will enjoy!  Can't wait to see you at the horseman's Soon!


Q:  Dear Clifford, Now that Winter is over my lovely girl (owner just sounds wrong, no one truly owns me) has decided it is time to get back in shape for show season.  I don't know what she means, her butt has gotten bigger not mine!  But she has decided that for the past 3 weeks I would not have a saddle on when being ridden,  No saddle you say, SOUNDS GREAT!!!  However my rider has completely lost all her balance, I don't quite understand how show walks on those two legs she's got!  It's like she wants me trot so she clicks, and then she panicks and her legs slam into my sides kicking me forward and then gets frustrated when I speed up into a lope.  My girl then pulls back, while still digging her legs into me and says whoa.  Clifford what should I do about her balance issue.  

Sincerely, Off Balanced Bob

A:  Dear Bob,  The answer is quite simple.  All you have to do is when she asks you to whoa from a lope is put on breaks really quick and dip your neck.  She will get off your back quicker than you could say "peppermint paddy"!  Balance issue solved.  

Sincerely, Clifford The Big Red Horse

Dear Clifford,

CCCHA General Meeting & Potluck
Gymkhana Horse Show
CSHA Region 5 Approved


Thank you to our members who came out to the first CCCHA workday of the year!  We may have been small but we were certainly mighty!!!