Due to lack of attendance & Remodeling of our arena

We sadly are no longer holding CSHA Region 5 Approved Shows for 2018.

Although stay tuned for our new Weeknight Barrel Racing & Gymkhana Schedule Coming Summer 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Division 5 Champion :  Grace Ortman on Summer 

Division 6 Champion:  Mindy Rourke on Bold N Natural

Division 6 Reserve Champion:  Lynsie Duffy on Sienna

Division 7 Champion:  Heather Smith on Tex

Division 7 Reserve Champion:  Cody Berry on Hotshot O Whiskey

Division 7 Third Place:  Emily Bergen on Gunner

Hi Everyone!, 

My name is Mindy Rourke and I have had the honor of being the Gymkhana Chair for CCCHA for the past 4 years!  I have been a member of the club for the past 10 years and started our Juniors Association back in 2008 when I was a Sophmore in Highschool.  Since then I have moved on to be the Gymkhana Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the club throughout the years.  I have competed in many different disciplines throughout the years but my main love and passion is Gymkhana and Barrel Racing.  I am extremely dedicated and have spent countless hours of blood, sweat and tears throughout the years ensuring the arena footing gets done and shows go on without a hitch.  This year I embark on my journey to become a CSHA Gymkhana Judge and am so happy to have so much support and love from this amazing club.  Congratulations to my Gymkhana riders from 2016 on all of their accomplishments and can't wait to see you all in 2017!!

Congratulations to our

2016 Gymkhana Overall

High Point Winners!!!!!!

Please Contact Your 2017 Gymkhana Chair Mindy Rourke for any questions or concerns!